About Amax

Corporate Overview:
Incorporated in 1989, Amax Medical Dental Supply Limited is a privately held Canadian owned & operated medical and dental supply company servicing offices across Canada. Amax provides a full range of professional supplies, primarily single use disposable products, to dental, medical, veterinary, lab, food processing, and home care markets. We are committed to offering quality products and fast delivery to our customers.

The Amax Mission:
To continue our planned and profitable growth by operating with integrity and loyalty to our employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities in which we do business.

The Amax Vision:
To be the best provider of medical and dental supplies wherever we do business.

We want to be:

- The best company to work for
- The best company for customer service
- The best company for quality and value
- The best company for on time and accurate delivery

Code of Business:
The Amax philosophy of conducting business is based upon these core values:

- Do the job right regardless
- Communicate with customers regularly, confirm their satisfaction
- Make the price fair and reasonable
- A sale is a good one only when it is good for both parties
- Live up to your promises
- Treat employees, suppliers, and customers with respect
- Complete tasks promptly
- Invoice promptly, fairly, and in detail